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Under a Darkening Sky
Under A Darkening Sky

June 2017: Robert Lyman's latest work, Under A Darkening Sky is well on track for publication by Pegasus Books in the USA in 2018, the manuscript is now on its way to the Pegasus Books editor, Claiborne Hancock.


Published June 2016

"This is an extraordinary story of the sudden confrontation of two civilisations on the edge of the British Empire which ended in harmony and affection. It is excellently told and I learnt a great deal more than I knew, even though I was born a few miles away from the air crash two years before the events narrated, had two uncles fighting in the jungles nearby, and have studied the area for many years. I found it exciting, vivid and moving."
Alan Macfarlane, F.B.A., Emeritus Professor of Anthropology,
University of Cambridge

"Robert Lyman brings the skills of a born storyteller and the erudition of an historian to this wonderful book. His long engagement with and affection for the people of the Burmese jungle shine through. It is a gripping and immensely humane book."
Fergal Keane, Author and Broadcaster

"A wonderfully gripping and life-affirming story of a little-known episode of World War II. Robert Lyman’s deep understanding and affection for the extraordinary Naga people and their beautiful forgotten corner of the world infuses this compelling tale of triumph over adversity and of an unlikely friendship between very different people and characters suddenly and unexpectedly thrown together. Beautifully written and researched, it both highly relevant and a testimony to the power of the human spirit."
James Holland, FRHistS

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25 June 2016:
Calling Blighty Channel 4 TV documentary

Calling Blighty

To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day, the North West Film Archive embarked on a project to contact as many of the veterans and families of the men featured in these films as possible – and bring them together for a recreation of the original war time screening.

Using the archive, letters and photographs, along with interviews with veterans and relatives, the film reveals extraordinary stories such as women in her 70s who never met her father but gets to see him on screen for the first time and then visits his grave in Burma, a soldier whose family thought he was in the catering corp when he was actually in the legendary Chindit special operations unit and a honoured war hero who could never tell his family why he won his medal. Transmission 25 June 2016.

9 August 2016: Lecture
Robert Lyman is giving a lecture at the Army and Navy Club
on Tuesday 9 August on the subject of Leadership in the Far East during WW2 to support an exhibition on the Burma Campaign. Tickets are available from the club here >

Dr Robert Lyman was born in New Zealand in January 1963 and educated at Scotch College, Melbourne, Australia. He was commissioned into the Light Infantry from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, England in April 1982, and was an officer in the British Army for twenty years.

He has a First Class Honours degree in History from the University of York; Masters degrees in Strategic Studies (University College of Wales, Aberystwyth), War Studies (King’s College, London) and Military Studies (Cranfield). He is a graduate of the Joint Services Command and Staff College.

Robert Lyman is a military historian and lives in Berkshire, England. He is represented by Charlie Viney of The Viney Agency.

The Possibilities for ‘Humanitarian War' in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Strategic and Combat Services Institute (SCSI), 1997.


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Forward to:
David Rooney’s Stilwell The Patriot, Greenhill Books, 2005.


Robert Lyman
Dr Robert Lyman

On 20 April 2013
The Battle of Imphal/Kohima was voted Britain's Greatest Battle
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On 9 April 2011
“Slim and Wellington were voted ‘Britain’s Greatest Generals’ at the end of a day of debates at the National Army Museum on Saturday 9 April.
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