The Longest Siege

Tokruk 148
Italian-built defences along what became the ‘Red Line’. The mound on the horizon is Point 209 (Ras el Medaur), which was captured by Rommel in May 1941, and formed the centre of the ‘salient’.

Ben Brownless on part of the position held by his father’s regiment, 1st Essex, atop the Ed Duda ridge 13 kms south-east of Tobruk. Sidi Rezegh lies in the distance. Ben’s father, Lieutenant Philip Brownless, inspired the author to write The Longest Siege.

Tobruk 169
Monty (left) and Ben Brownless on Point 209 (Ras el Medaur), looking north-east towards Tobruk town.

Lybia 61
The famous ‘White House’ at the ruins on Rommel’s HQ on the Derna Road, west of Tobruk.
Left to right: Mr Abdelsalam, owner of the Jagboub Hotel, Tobruk, Mr Mohammad Haneesh, Custodian of the two Commonwealth War Graves cemeteries in Tobruk, and Mr Sami el-Gibani, Tour Operator.

Tobruk 45
The author (left) with Dr Fahdl Ali Mohammad, Keeper of Antiquities, Cyrenaica.

Danger in desert Danger in desert
Danger still lurks in the desert.

James James Naughtie interview
James Naughtie interviewing Rudolf Schneider.

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