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Da Capo Press, published 2016

Flying the notorious 'hump route' between India and China in 1943, a twin-engine plane suffered mechanical failure and crashed in a dense mountain jungle. Among the passengers and crew were celebrated CBS journalist Eric Sevareid, a Soviet double-agent posing as an OSS operative, and General Joseph "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell's personal political adviser. Against the odds, all but one of the twenty-one people aboard the aircraft survived-but they fell from the frying pan into the fire. Among the Headhunters is the first account of this incredible story.
Hardcover and Kindle Edition

The Real X-Man

Quercus, published 2015

This is the thrilling story of the development and operational deployment of human torpedoes 'Chariots' and 'X-craft' midget submarines in British naval service during WWII. The commando frogmen who rode the Chariots and operated as divers from the X-craft were the forerunners of today's Special Boat Service, the SBS.

Hardcover and Kindle Edition


Quercus, published 2014

In the new year of 1944 the French Resistance in northern France was on its knees. In the lead up to Operation Overlord, 'D Day', the Resistance had never been more important to the Allied war effort, and many groups were in the pay of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, MI6.

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Quercus, published 2013

Into the Jaws of Death is a gripping story of high daring that demonstrates how the decisive courage of a small group of men brought hope and light during one of their country’s darkest hours.

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Operation Suicide

Operation Suicide: The Remarkable Story of the Cockleshell Raid

Quercus, published 2012

The story of a commando unit under the leadership of Major “Blondie” Hasler who were without exception ordinary young men, from ordinary streets, in ordinary towns across industrial Britain – given the most extraordinary task of their short lives.

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Japan's Last Bid

Japan's Last Bid for Victory: The Invasion of India, 1944

Pen and Sword, published 2012

There were four great turning point battles in the Second World War, when the tide of war changed irreversibly and very dramatically against those who initially held the upper hand.

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Bill Slim

Bill Slim

Osprey, published 2011

Robert Lyman was commissioned to write a short biography on Field Marshal Slim in the Osprey ‘Command’ series, published in the Spring of 2011.
'Bill' Slim was one of the greatest British generals of World War II. In a career that stretched from 1914 until 1958, Bill Slim's greatest triumphs came in India and Burma in the long war against the Japanese.


Kohima 1944: The Battle that Saved India

Osprey, published 2010

In March 1944 the Japanese Army launched Operation U-Go – an attack on Assam in India intended to inspire a rising by the Indian populace against British rule.

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Tobruk Cover

The Longest Siege: Tobruk and the Battle for Africa, 1941
Pan Macmillan, 2009

An account of the siege of Tobruk, Libya – the longest siege in British imperial military history.

Cartoons by John Kelly of the Royal Artillery
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The Generals

The Generals: From Defeat to Victory Leadership in Asia 1941-45
Constable and Robinson, 2008

In this book Robert Lyman looks at the role of the generals on both sides of the conflict and analyses their influence on the desperate struggle between both sides in what the British describe as 'The Forgotten War'.

Stone & Stone Editor's Choice Award 2008
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SCSI cover
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Slim, Master of War: Burma and the Birth of Modern Warfare
Constable and Robinson, 2004, paperback 2005

'This is a first rate book... a beautifully written and carefully researched account.' Dr Richard Holmes
'Lyman is good on strategy... A former army officer, he is also astute on what it took to fight the war on the ground.'
The Sunday Times
'This is a very important book.'  Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely, MC
'A tour-de-force'. Major Gordon Graham MC and Bar, lately Chairman of Butterworths plc

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Iraq 1941
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Iraq 1941: The Battles for Basra, Habbaniya, Fallujah and Baghdad
Osprey Publishing, 2006

This book examines the strategy and tactics of the Iraq campaign, the role of the Indian Army and the Arab Legion, the nature of expeditionary warfare and the complementary roles of air and land power.

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First Victory

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First Victory: Britain's forgotten struggle in the Middle East, 1941
Constable and Robinson, 2006

'This is a book which deserves to be widely read and should be required reading for those involved in the management and conduct of operations in the Middle East today.' Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely, MC
'I am delighted that at last its importance is being recognised. I...found the account of our operations fascinating.' His Grace the Duke of Wellington, KG., LVO., OBE., MC., DL
'Excellent book...Lyman reveals the fascinating story of the forgotten desert battles of 1941 that fundamentally changed the course of WWII.' Military Illustrated

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The Challenges of High Command: The British Experience
Chapter 7: 'The Art of Manoeuvre at the Operational Level of War' by Robert Lyman
Palgrave Macmillan, 2002

The Challenges of High Command looks at the practicalities of British experience in WWI and WWII. The contributors cast new light on themes as diverse as the trench warfare of World War I, the conduct of the Gallipoli and Norway campaigns, and the command performance of Bomber Harris and Bill Slim. This book is a timely and important contribution to the debate on the command and control of armed forces.

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Stilwell the Patriot: Vinegar Joe, the Brits and Chiang Kai-Shek
David Rooney – Foreword by Robert Lyman
Greenhill Books, 2005

This new and meticulously researched biography of the controversial American commander Joe Stilwell presents an admirably lucid account of his career and the complex story of the Burma campaign.

Stilwell spent most of World War II as Chiang Kai-Shek's chief of staff in China.

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