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Slim, Master of War: Burma and the Birth of Modern Warfare
Constable and Robinson, 2004, paperback 2005

Nothing less than one of the most interesting soldiers of his generation, Slim's 'smart' style of soldiering paved the way for how we make war today.


Press Reviews

‘Robert Lyman… asserts that Slim was the outstanding British general of the war.  He is surely right.’  The Sunday Telegraph

‘’This is a first-rate book, and without doubt the best account of Bill Slim’s conduct of the Burma Campaign.  It was said that Slim had ‘the head of a general and the heart of a private soldier.’  Reading Robert Lyman’s beautifully written and carefully researched account, we can see why.’  Dr Richard Holmes

‘This is a very important book.’  Lieutenant General John Kiszely MC

‘A tour-de-force’. Major Gordon Graham MC and Bar, lately Chairman of Butterworths plc

‘Robert Lyman makes a powerful case that Bill Slim was the greatest British general of the Second World War.  I think he is right.’  Dr Gary Sheffield.

Lyman’s well-researched, elegantly written and beautifully produced book is the best yet written on Slim…’ Times Literary Supplement

‘This significant book… is a much needed and scholarly addition to the literature of the Burma War.’  Soldier Magazine

‘This is an admirable book, supported by well-documented research and backed by excellent maps.  It will surely be on all staff college reading lists.’ Journal of the Royal United Services Institute

‘…a first-rate appreciation of Slim, his character, manner of command and strategic thinking.’  Dekho!

…this eloquently written account… is a very good read.’  British Army Review

‘Lyman is good on strategy… A former army officer, he is also astute on what it took to fight the war on the ground, with stretched supply lines and the need for long-range air drops.’  The Sunday Times

‘…a superb book.’  Guards Magazine

‘The first full length biography of Slim for 30 years – an excellent book.’  Royal British Legion.

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