Major new Movie: The Lion of Tobruk

Robert Lyman is advising and supporting a forthcoming major film production. World War II has long provided incredible stories for cinema: tales of remarkable bravery, terrible cruelty and heroism on all sides. But these stories so often seem to come from one place – the battlefields of Europe, or maybe the islands of the Pacific. And the heroes are always white.

The motivation was quite simple: To write a “classic” war film, whilst being very conscious of how trends in cinema have changed, and what an audience would expect in 2013. We want to create a “big” film, whilst still focussing on the “intimate” moments.

We endeavoured to make the battle scenes as realistic as possible, and to this end, our collaboration with esteemed military historian Robert Lyman has helped us to achieve the authenticity we are striving for.

The Lion of Tobruk Details